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Tips for a Successful Trial



Prep Work

Take good care of your skin, if you have problematic skin, seek a dermatologist or a reputable aesthetician to help you figure out your skincare regiment. If you have relatively dry or normal skin indulge in moisturizing facial masks. Drink lots of water in the months leading up to your trial and your big day. Water really helps to clear up skin and keep it looking fresh, which is really what every Bride wants.

Brows Have your golden (okay maybe not golden) arches AKA your brows re-defined and shaped up. Weather that is threading or waxing. Remember your brows frame your eyes and you want those ladies to perfectly frame your bridal eye makeup. Whenever I wax my clients brows I always say as a reminder, "They are sisters, not twins".

Are A-Symmetry and characteristics on our bodies is what makes us, well us so don't try and force your brows into something they are not. Your makeup artist will do her magic to make them look ascetically pleasing for your face shape.


pay your hairstylist a visit about 1-2 weeks before the wedding day & trial. Whether you need to touch up your roots or just need a cut, you might want to ask about a shine treatment as it gets closer to the actual day. Nothing ruins a beautiful do more then looking at bad roots in all your photos for years to come. If you are unsure how long you should keep your hair length at, ask us before the trial.

Dress to match

This one is definitely not a must but more of a helpful suggestion.

on trial day, try to wear a neutral colored top with neckline similar to your wedding dress if possible, meaning open neckline or tube top, yes! This way we can envision the whole look better. Avoid bright colored tops or high neckline tops.

Snap Some Pics

Photos are such a great way to build the communication bridge between you and your artist. The more commentary you can add about what you love/don’t love about each look, the better. But keep in mind that your style won’t look exactly like the reference pictures you give your artist. The collection of photos build up your inspiration for your overall look.

The Goods

Bring any hair accessories or makeup (Such as your go to lipstick, favorite moisturizer, got to have highlighter) you plan to use on your big day to your trial. If you bring the things you think you want to use then the artist and you can decide together if these will work with the overall look you are going for. Be open to ideas and your artist's professional thoughts-remember they've done this before.

The Aftermath

Take some photos in natural and indoor lighting, so you can see how you will feel in similar lighting to your venue/day. Pay attention to what happens to your hair and makeup after the appointment, if you need to adjust be sure to communicate that to your Glam Squad.

Book your Trial with Emma Woods Beauty as soon as possible to guarantee the Glam Squad is available for your date.


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